This is my Next Gen real time character. Base mesh I made in 3ds Max and ZBrush, all detail in ZBrush, bakes in xNormal, texture for backpack, upper and lower body in Quixel Suite 2, texture for head manualy painted in ZBrush and just toutch a little bit in Photoshop, all renders I made in Marmoset Toolbag 2. Texture is 4k.

This is pretty heavy game model, but it is for a NEXT GEN GAME 😀

Triangle count:
Only body without backpack, combat knife, gun, belt and sheath: 88 948 tris
Body with backpack, belt and sheath: 116 750 tris
All model with backpack, combat knife, gun, belt and sheath: 134 916 tris

You 🙂 I hope You like it 🙂


Low Poly game model witch 4k texture.


lukasz_krzak_3d_lp__survival_girl_85 lukasz_krzak_3d_lp__survival_girl_84 lukasz_krzak_3d_lp__survival_girl_83 lukasz_krzak_3d_lp__survival_girl_82 lukasz_krzak_3d_lp__survival_girl_81

High Poly model

lukasz_krzak_3d_hp_girl_5 lukasz_krzak_3d_hp_girl_9 lukasz_krzak_3d_hp_girl_7 lukasz_krzak_3d_hp_girl_8

HP Teeth model. Base mesh, detail and polypainting in ZBrush.


HP eyes model. Base mesh, detail and polypainting in ZBrush.


High Poly model with Polypainting from ZBrush.

lukasz_krzak_3d_hp_girl_head_polypainting_4 lukasz_krzak_3d_hp_girl_head_polypainting_3

And 4k texture 🙂



Lower body texture:


Upper body texture:


Belt, sheath texture:


Hair texture:

How I made a hair? 🙂 It’s easy 😀 (ehhh… easy……;P)

Step 1.
3ds Max – create a few hair sheets, then UV and export to ZBrush.
Step 2.
ZBrush – on this flat UV sheet I used fibermesh, and a lot of fibermesh brush, move brush,transpose, etc… and bake NM and base color.
Step 3.
ZBrush – (preaty tricky part) manualy put all hair sheets on LP game model (transpose, move brush) and export to 3ds Max
Step 4.
3ds Max – transfer vertex normal to create one smothing group for all hair sheets.